PT. Bank Pundi Indonesia, Tbk (“Bank Pundi”), established on 11th September 1992 in Jakarta under the name of PT. Executive International Bank (“Bank Eksekutif”) based on the deed approved by the Minister of Justice with No. C2-9246-HT.01.01 in 1992 and published in the state gazette of the Republic of Indonesia no. 103 dated December 26th, 1992, Supplement No. 6651.

Operational license was issued on August 09th 1993, as Public Bank in Jakarta referring to the approval of Ministry of Finance, Republic of Indonesia No.673/KMK.017/1993 dated 23rd June 1993 regarding the Operational License to PT. Executive International Bank.

The name of PT. Executive International Bank was later changed into PT. Bank Eksekutif International, and later on 2001, became a Listed Company further to obtaining approval from the Chairman of the Capital Market Supervisory Agency (Bapepam) in his letter no. S-153/PM/2001 regarding the Initial Public Offering towards its shares as much as 277,500,000 shares with a nominal value of Rp 100 per share to the public. The Bank then was listed in the Jakarta Capital Market on 13th July 2001 under BEKS as its shares’ code.

The 30th June 2010 EGMS had approved PT. Recapital Securities as the new ultimate shareholder, and also approved the identity changes from PT. Bank Eksekutif International, Tbk., became PT. Bank Pundi Indonesia, Tbk.

The existence of PT. Recapital Securites as the ultimate shareholder had previously obtained approval from the Bank Indonesia through a letter No.12/84/GBI/DPIP/Rahasia dated 29th Juni 2010. The identity changes into PT. Bank Pundi Indonesia ,Tbk. had also obtained approval from the Minister of Justice and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia through letter No. AHU-3740. AH.01.02 Year 2010, dated July 28, 2010 regarding Approval of Amendment to Articles of Association. Bank Indonesia as the Central Bank also approved the identity changes through the Decree of the Governor of Bank Indonesia. 12/58/KEP.GBI/2010, dated 23rd September 2010 concerning Amendment to Use Business License of PT. Bank Eksekutif Internasional, Tbk into Business License of PT. Bank Pundi Indonesia, Tbk.

The shareholder changes followed with the launching of the new business model in micro, small and medium entreprise financing from previously on corporate banking. To support the new business model, funding structure was also directed to retail funding.

The new business strategy is in line with “equality” concept towards prosperity by prioritizing the empowerment of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This concept is raised by Recapital Group founders, namely Rosan P.Roeslani, Elvin Ramli and Sandiaga S.Uno.

The business transformation which was implemented since 2011 has resulted to the sustainable growth of the Bank. By the year end of 2012, the Bank has 207 branch offices spread all over Indonesia from Aceh until Abepura, Papua and supported by 8.200 employee to run the business. The branch network growth was significant compare to the previous year of 2011, whereas number of branch offices were 196 and 6.691 employees.

Bank Pundi also built another 68 ATMs attached to the branch offices for customer conveniences. In addition to that, for cash transaction, Bank Pundi is also accessible from more than 40,000 ATMs across the nation through the ATM network of ATM Prima and ATM Bersama.